Voila Pictures

is a revolutionary full production

FILMTV - Video company with professional side services offered to your project. High budget flexibility included to our clients by our working built up partner co-operational system.

We serve our clients with pre and post production works, movies, short films, commercials, promotions, animations, event videos, shows, cast members, actors, performers, showreel, design/portfolio

and much more!

We are working passionately and professional in the media industry and got experience in almost

all kind of media genres.


The unique business model we've developed  gives us the wide range of opportunities

to offer for fragments of budget compared to present prices of the market.


   We are ready to accomplish any needs and imagination of production from the low budget level to the high ends!  

         ...Since 2008




Revoluton of today's media market with a new system which gives equal chances to talents around the media business and to give real connection between clients and production team with a brand that covers the new era of digital creation. Pre production, production and post production works, movies, short films, commercials, promotions, animations, event videos, shows will be created automatically and costumely adjusted to investors budget and quality needs. Cast members, actors, performers, talents will be granted with the suited jobs without having a dozens of middle men involved and paid. That allows us to give fair prices and accomplish quality work and keep the deadlines. Get involved into the future's media system which grant you the possibility to get job, crew, talents and much more for your interest and needs!

We are planning to serve the market with a new system that grants the people reach their possibilities in the media business with real co operations and connections compared to their skills and to their budget limits both for persons and companies. 

We are opened to every company who wants to join and learn more or start a career with us! Just get in contact with our producers or CEO and we will grant you access all the services we can offer to upgrade both of our companies value instantly!

We are now ready to build the future of media industry sustainable and equal. If you are ready to join the new flow of "green media" then we are your best partners! 

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Under the licence of KP Marketing és Szolgáltató LTD since 2016 in properity of Gregory Urban as the CEO of the company. Info@voila-pictures.com