Legal informations:

Full media production and agency

Brand name: Voila Pictures

Established: 2008, Budapest

(Orbán Gergely)

Official legal name of company:

KP Marketing és Szolgáltató Kft


Magyarország, Budapest, 1184, Kézműves Utca 12/a 4.em 17.ajtó

Registry number: 01-09-271147

Tax number: 25369166-2-43

Social tax number: 15369166

Account number: K&H 10401055-50526781-69851012

in property of Gregory Urban as the C.E.O. of the company.





+3670 389 6627

+3670 388 4212





KP Marketing és Szolgáltató KFT





1184 Kézműves utca 12/a 4/17





Gregory Urban









Vocational Producer, C.E.O.,

Founder of Voila Pictures

+3670 389 66 27

Gregory urban has born in 29th of July, 1987 in Budapest, Hungary.

He studied media producing in Study Group called "Budai TV" and acting during his high school session in Budai Nagy Antal High School. From 2003 to 2007 He learned on Acting and Directing Course at Gábor Harsányi's Acting Art Studio. From 2009 He was a student of Science University of Szeged on Corporate Communication Course. In 2010 He got National Award of Media Film and Television course at Cambridge Regional College.

In 2010 He established Voila Pictures the freelancer company which was co-operating with the producing of R.E.M.


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Under the licence of KP Marketing és Szolgáltató LTD since 2016 in properity of Gregory Urban as the CEO of the company.