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Voila Pictures is a first ever media network system that allows every other partners to join our recommendation based know how for good. Companies,  associations, talents, performers are welcome to work together in this growing, renewing, running era of media business worldwide!

Every co-operational partnership we contract is another step to create a worldwide platform of media that gives the best choices of highest quality services to clients and costumers.


 Walter Cam

Photo - Video / Internal - External

Just in high quality!

We have professional and experienced photographers and cameramen in line for our clients. With the leadership of our honored cinematographer Peter Walter we are running a high quality homely photo studio in the heart of Budapest with full HD (4K available / VR ready) gear to serve your fantasy with quality equipment and pro work with flexible prices!

 Wizards Studio

Fantasy/sci-fi unlimited!

Our partner in producing stories beyond imagination. There is no deeper mind and higher creativity than this company we are honored to work with. The sci-fi and fantasy movie genre needs to take seriously even it's all about imagination. Magic-space-might-There is no joke! Scripts, concepts, ideas for production!   

Black Mod is in god mode of computer modding and costume, prop making. This team works with endless fantasy and creating breath taking creations in their workshop. The fruit of their works are the countless won trophies and achievements at contests through the world. We are proud to have this marvelous team in our partners  and work with the best team on the world!

Witness the epic movie fight scenes live at your event. Imagine medieval, Star Wars, classic sword fights with great young fully skilled stuntmen who work and train hard to make the most amazing trick jumps and fights into movies and even bring them to your set or event, happening or maybe to a movie themed party! The Phalanx Stunts are ready! It's up to your  imagination! Get your discount now!

 Drone Cam

George Gazdag 

High quality pictures from high or under water where just your imagination can reach! drones and dive camera are trends for our present. We are going with this wave and brought to you our services from the high end quality to on budget to let anyone can have the same vibe from this trend of cinematography! 

  Looking for the most qualified and well trained extras, sport extras, doubles, stand-ins, hostesses, models, actors for your movie, film, video, photo project? Do not search any further! Get your discount by ordering from our honored partner

Casting City through us!

  We've tried and fully recommend the services of this company because they give the most fair prices with the best quality services with full guarantee.

  Let us know if you're interested and give us a call or send us an e-mail and our employees will reply with good news!

  Stand up comedy, cabaret, and everything around humor and comedy! The

Stand Up Brigade is the best team to make the audience laugh out loud! The most experienced actors and comedians made an independent association who has their own theatre and also performs on corporate events, festivals, and other theatres, community centers for good.

  Now it's time to get your laughs for yourself and your audience by fragment the price by ordering their production through us!

  PecsuPress is our honored partner of sport and sport related event broadcasting. Martial arts, ball games, technical sports and more! You will always get the most informative, exciting and memorable moments from the most epic sport events.

Hyperion is there with us where the history needs to be canonized with computer 3D graphics.

This company is in the era with their outstanding digital recreations of ancient times wars, characters, costumes, armor, sword etc. We are proudly co-operating with these geniuses in computer modeling and graphic design. Their main profile is interactive education development via interactive media tools. 

  MTA EK is our beloved client and partner of science and related events and  Productions. The staff of the facility are open minded as the CEO and impressively co-operational in creating videos about the deepest scientific researches. 

If you are interested in radiation securing around your event, or you want some experiments in their topic,

just tell us now! is our honored client and partner of financial mentoring and we are proud to co operate with the best mentor you can find on the market to keep your account fairly balanced and correctly managed.

As we are producing marketing media they giving out the best from the material so we can warmly recommend the "essence of success"!

 Eleven Wear 

Wanna have good quality custom design

t-shirt for fair prices? We guarantee that this designer company  serves with the best!  You edit the picture, we make the t-shirt or car foils!

Atis Media is the most brilliant team for
building cosplays, props and
Their work is made of passion and professionalism that holds on till the end of the show and after. You can't name a movie, anime, or other genre they couldn't recreate a costume of.

Do you have your own vision and custom details or needs for costume or prop? Just give us a call and we will make it come true! 

Sos Design is one of the best
graphic design creators we have in Europe. Started the creation in the "analog" times with photography and went through the digitalization with the media era. With the ultimate flow of the hero ages fused with the freedom of digital endless possibilities made their art the most memorable works. Fluent, pure clearness for last long in memory. 
Malicomp is the real expert in computers. We've got our machines in the best hands to repair, clear, tune up and so on. We can only recommend to bring your iron to this company because you will be amazed about the magic they can do with them! We are satisfied about their work and you will be as well. We can guarantee you a big voucher if you use their service through us!