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We guarantee you client based professional producer team which will be in your serve to represent and work for your project to the finish and after. They are passionate about their profession therefore precision is basic as keeping pace and give quality work to you is their natural habitat you can count on.

Daniel Rozgonyi

- Corvinus University of Budapest, Political Sciences BA and MA

- Film and Media Institute of the Metropolitan University of Budapest, Creative Producer

- Scholarship at the HFF Konrad Wolf - Filmuniversität Babelsberg



- Unit production manager at Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten, Babelsberg

- Numerous short films and commercials, TV documentary movie as a production manager, production assistant

- Producer of the production Lulu


Excellent communication skills, determination, creativity, experienced in filmmaking, editing-managing and producing skills, openness, good teamplayer but also works alone easily and efficiently.

Viktor Balázs

His vein contains the highest portion of creativity. His got his unique style as a film maker and every work his done got the fullest of his mind. He has real deep experiences in film making. His name can linked to very popular, known and seen short films, documentaries. He just born with the skill that he can always get what the client thinks or imagine about the projects and able to create the production just as the client imagined.

Richárd  Bánfalvi

-Madách Imre high school english course, drama advanced studies

-English – Cambridge - fluent level



Leader and founder of the Phalanx Stunts crew , Member of ​Cosfighters performer crew, Flaming souls own licensed online show, Member of Champions of phantasy online show.

High levels in communication, marketing techniques, performing skills. Advanced in work attitude and always ready to do his best for the aim.

The most valuable player in stressed situations and co-operative to the final edges. Real team player and as leader also. Best person for difficult projects.

Mária Szabó

-King Sigmund College, Budapest International Relations 


 Angel Films Kft.  production coordinator 

-CenterContact Translation and Interpreting Agency -  Project manager

-OVB Vermögensberatung Kft. – financial consultant  

Experience in the field of production and high training in education and practical promptitude such as representation, media, production, sales and negotiation skills. With precision and friendly but spirited attitude will give the comfort and safety feeling about your projects - we are proud to present you the producer of our exclusive orders .

Horváth "Mike" Szabolcs 

-Szent György Media and Informatics Vocational High School 

Budapest Television Production Assistant 

-Balassa Bálint Trade and Economics Vocational High School Esztergom 



Esztergom Körzeti Televízió; Zugló Tv; Lakihegy Rádió MTVA 

Animated filmmaker,  contributor to filmmaking, also civilian professor. His film science training has been developed in the autodidact way through amateur films in the media school. Obsessed and experienced with movies in low budget or professional techniques. Daily in contact with non-amateur filmmakers , from whom we get professional support and sources.

Krisztian Szente 

-Budapest Metropolitan University

Marketing, Advertising and PR · Budapest

-Anchor Films

-Umbrella Budapest-New York

Remarkable professional media skills, a real one man crew. Highly capable of co-operation with team. Standout directing and editing skills. Valuable project management, high grade work moral abilities. Non durable reliability, openness, creativity. Fully developed unique style of creating media. Best choice for advanced projects which are need deep understanding of mess communication.  

Zsolt Szugfil 

Neoart Film Academy - producer (2017)

OKTÁV - logistic administrator (2011)

Rögeszme / Deranged (2018) [to watch the teaser click here] - associate producer

Filmmaking is a passion for Him, not just a hobby or a job to do. As a trained professional He doen’t like the usual bullsh@t about his skills or previous experiences, because these things doesn’t really matter to him, so the introduction will be as short as possible:

He qualified as a producer at Neoart Film Academy in 2017, and produced His first short in 2018. Received an ‘associate producer’ credit and He was in charge of the crowdfunding campaign that helped to finish the shooting.

He have already mentioned a few things that are not so important, so finally let’s see the most important: to do the next assignment and perfectly content the client.

Tóth Márk

-Korda Sándor filmacademiy

-Zepter International Ungarn LTD

-The Martian, The Da Vinchi Code, Inferno, Kincsem,Lazarus, Last Kingdoms, Vikings, Marco Polo, Tyrant, Virtózok, Kismenok, Sztárban Sztár, Nagy Duett, Játékkészíto, Terápia, Tom White and the mad circus music video, as Unit and cinematographer

-Mafilm, BK Filmstúdió,Astra,Origo,TV2,Korda studio,OTTOFilm asSet Unit

-VV Central Security Bt. as material purchasing, business maker


-Zepter International Ungarn Kft. as sales manager

Through the experience electricity, security systems, painting, sculpture, creating props, filming locations after the Restoration, knowledge, use, using a variety of recording modes, cinematography, photography tools also earned high rated managing and business skills with leading abilities.

Dániel Zólyomi


Slager Fm Technician

Radio1 Technician

Outdoor Ice Rink in the City Park Music Editing


Disco'Shit (Rural Radios / Radio 1 Hungary)

VIVA Chart Show  (Radio Version)


Sound recording and advertising production:

Decathlon, I Love Balaton Festival, Symbol, Budapest Park, Flyerz Classic, Aquarena

- Phonogram - Hungarian Music Awards 2017 Hungarian electronic music album or sound   record of the year (Candidature).

- 2016 - Music Channel Dance Chart  2nd Place


High level of ambition - excellent communication skills - creativity - experienced in soundmaking - music production - mixing - editing - openness - on demand he is a good teamplayer but also works alone easily and efficiently - talent for organizing and managing projects

Stella Csák

- Zichy Mihály Art Secondary School of Kaposvár, Professional photographer


- Microstock Solutions, photo-video reviewer

Coming from the field of fashion and theatre photography, She has developed a deep love towards all visual arts. Besides being proficient both in analog and digital photography She has a natural talent for organizing

and managing projects.

Anita Kárász

Base Therapies Foundation

 Degree in Motion Development 

Budapest Pedagogical training

University of West Hungary Apáczai Csere János Faculty- Special education course

Her positive attitude always goes with precision. Her clients are always satisfied with her representation of our company. We love working with such a beautiful person in our distributing team. Several years experience of sales.

5 years experience in film industry of production department.

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