The film is based on an open source fantasy MMORPG computer game called "Witch Hunter" Sándor Juhász (Gergely Orbán) is one of the main developers and programmer. One day with a special package called "Shogun PCX 5000" he replaced in consciousness by His avatar character of Alexander Morassy. Alexander wants to done his mission in real life, that is to kill the witch. Arter that Sándor finds himself in the reality with his dead girlfriend and two policemen arrests Him. Marcell Mészáros (Bence Csoda) Sándor's friend starts to find out what exactly happened. 

Albert goes home - Short war,drama, 


Albert - Gergő Bárdi



Writer, Director, Editor - Sándor Gál

Cinematographer - Dániel Pápai

Sound - Gergely Nagy

Music - Gergő Elekes

We would like to create movie which proved it's success around Europe on the stages and you can be the part of it!

If you are interested in sharing the investing process and the incomes of this project, please let us know it!

We can proudly pronounce that we've done all the pre-productions of the second movie called "REMER" which is the continue of the R.E.M. saga. This time we're attempting to produce a SEMI CGI MOVIE in green box from the fragment of budget then it's usually needed and produce the same quality and joy that people got used to from Hollywood. The film is going to be 80 minutes long sci-fi/thriller that raises a new franchise based on the characters and storyline of the movie.


All we need is a business partner or investor who gives the kick to the project. If you fell interested, it's time to get in

contact with us!

This is a concept of a stop motion comedy series which combines the design of "Robot Chicken", the humor of "Itchy and Scratchy", and the absurdity of "Family Guy" but without ripping them off. This is a love story about a guy (Joey) who is desperately fell in love with his wife (Joen). They came from their honeymoon when their plane crashed. The couple would be the only survivors of the catastrophy if Joen wouldn't lost her life. Joey stucked on an island with a cannibal tribe and her dead wife and start to live a new life there. Wanna know what happensd next? As we are! Let us produce the series with you!

"Live crazed" Is a live and interactive standup comedy show where the

host and the performers are on air in the studio set. The guests are performing their show and the

viewers can interact via phone, skype, sms, chat and so on. The talents are also racing for the votes

of the viewers and the most upvoted performer can don another show in the next episode. There is a

unique 5 minutes part of the show where some casted persons from the fans can make their

"fifteen minutes of fame". This is a whole new profitable idea of live comedy shows which can be

broadcasted by online streaming during the airtime so we can link the TV and ONLINE audience and

create a new experience of watching live stand up comedy shows. The show can be optimalized for all

nation's local comedy performers and viewer behaviours. The budget of the show is extremely low, but

it can open to wide range of audiences and the view rates can be raised by special guests, prices,

promotions, quick quiz games, online and offline events.

"I am Fitness"

A sport activity Television magazine where the audience can get closer to the highlighted sports by the host (Gregory Urban) who is meant to be an "antisport" type of person. The guests who are famous racers, champions, coaches, trainers leads the anchorman to try out the sport and join into a training. The show can be a sponsorbased series which can raise the profits of the broadcasting.

Champions of phantasy are a young, independent team at Hungary, whom really likes different fantasy worlds. Made by a fan made crossover we make a world, where different style heroes are present: according to the story, an Entity summoned the fantasy creatures on the nowadays earth, 3 years ago. All of them are members of a bloody gladiator game, where only one can survive.

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PARALLEL - Short Sci-fi, Mystery,

Adventure Film

A young man finds his missing father's car that appears to be a tool to traveling through universes.

Gergo Elekes

Veszprém, Hungary

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We have some licences ready to produce from our deep basement of imagination. Check out our ideas and if you like what you saw and you can spot the profitability in them too, then get in contact with our producers and contract the possibilities!

Flaming Souls is a futuristic fighting/sci-fi movie about two last almighty

flaming soul warriors with different views and purpose for fighting for. Their fate leads to fight against each other and realize there is no meaning of their journey without the other side they are fighting for so the two mighty warrior unite into one force to save the future of the last fire flames of our souls! 

This film is about to show real, deep and wonderful drama through the view of an eleven years old child. This one hour wonder has been played in the theatres around Europe for years with high success and now from this genius art group leading this pearl of feelings to the movies. The director on stage and behind the camera is

Richard Genetheim.

    "Free programs @ Budapest"

This TV magazine is about the sights and activities of Budapest without any money in our pocket. This TV magazine can be specified to any country. The anchorman shows around cities, country sights, festivals, events and so on focused on those

things that can be done without spending any money. This show has been presented online in Hungary and the view rates we're surprisingly high compared to the region viewing statistics. It's a very creative way to entertain and educate people while creating image films about the best sights of the local infrastructure.

Watch an episode:

No pets is a horror movie with a never seen before creature which lives with their

victims and slowly takes control of their mind. The film follows a young couple who starts a new life in their rented apartment. The creatures slowly eat them up day by day bite to bite.

At the end the creatures are just "in there to be them". Will we can evade an invasion of an unknown living thing which is silent, smooth, and came from another world? 


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