The film is based around an open source fantasy MMORPG computer game called "Witch Hunter" in which the player can create his own avatar through the magic adventures in a medieval virtual environment. Sándor Juhász (Gergely Orbán) is one of the main developers and programmer. He is a typical gamer who is spending a lot of time in the game. One day with a special package called "Shogun PCX 5000" which is a prototype of a whole body virtual reality controller. With that the player not only get a VR experience, can feel the game on whole body and implement its real movement and thoughts in the virtual environment. When he first tries this thing, he is replaced in consciousness by His avatar character of Alexander Morassy. Alexander wants to done his mission in real life, that is to kill the witch. Unfortunately He thinks Sándor's girlfriend Jázmin (Dóra Pálffy) as a witch and kills her and returns to the game. Arter that Sándor finds himself in the reality with his dead girlfriend and two policemen arrests Him and puts into jail on charges of murder. Among the players the case is still an urban legend. Marcell Mészáros (Bence Csoda) Sándor's friend, a gray-eyed geek who starts to find out what exactly happened. So he investigates through the clues. He goes after Alexander with the special controller he has repaired to meet him in the game. To make this happen He needs to develop himself to the level at Sándor's. With Marci's friends, makes it  step-by-step by fighting with witches, and fantasy creatures. Will he find his friend in the virtual reality? Can he help him after that? You can find out in the movie!

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