Voila Pictures is a first ever media network system that allows every other partners to join our recommendation based know how for good. Companies,  associations, talents, performers are welcome to work together in this growing, renewing, running era of media business worldwide!

Every co-operational partnership we contract is another step to create a worldwide platform of media that gives the best choices of highest quality services to clients and costumers.

Join now and get in contact with our trusted producers to get your own partnership contract to cover

all the needs in media! 

In TALEnts we believe!

Witness epic movie fight scenes live at your event. Imagine medieval, Star Wars, classic sword fights with great young fully skilled stuntmen who work and train hard to make the most amazing trick jumps and fights into movies and even bring them to your set or event, happening or maybe to a movie themed party! The Phalanx Stunts are ready! It's up to your  imagination! Get your discount now!

get amazed by the most experienced and good looking acrobatic artists known as the

golden pyramid. The breathe taking show that people witnessed all around the world has been proven their high skills of entertaining which gives the audience a lifetime experience they will speak about for weeks. If you contract through our company then you will get serious voucher so you can create unique events with "melting gold" to impress audience. 

  There is no trick, it's pure magic with Gabor Nemeth!

And you can get his high quality performance right now!

  He is a professional magician who has the greatest shows that will amaze  who see him!

  He is over more than 5000 shows around the world and now he is able to do paranormal activities on your stage!

  A whole new level of magic performance with story based linked attractions you've used to in Las Vegas.

  Get voucher by ordering his performance through us! 

  Are you ready for humor, drama, thinking, attraction, and get fully entertained with a 

one man show

  Well, Oliver Toth is one of our best talents who can perform the deepest and best shows with comedy, monologues, and interactive plays where the audience is so satisfied after the lights turned on that they will never forget what they saw and hear.

  We can guarantee the experience that people have never got before! Include Oliver in your show and everybody will buy the ticket next time too. His performance is less expensive if you order his talent through our company!

  Want some action for your programme or film? Do you want some martial art show for your theatre, community centre, festival, event or happening?

  We can guarantee you the sweat of adrenaline boost with the Hungarian Kempo Association which is our partner in entertaining! You can get MMA, Box, Kempo, Karate, Judo, Ju-jitsu show and fights on the tatami and ring!

  And the best part is: they cut price for you if you get in contact with us and order through our system!


  Fan of classical music, operetta and opera? There is no theatre, community centre, festival, event, happening or a corporate program without a good opera performance! Do you have audience who appreciate classic entertaining? We work with the bests!

  They are the Spinto opera association for sure. Mild melodies, classic plays, and

wonderful singers at once!

  If you order from their repertoire via

e-mail or phone than you can get discount from the price!


Something new, something rock, Voila! here is the Teleportás. A fresh music band who can shake up your event in no time. Wanna have fire or just slow down under the moonshine and feel the mood? We can guarantee the best from these guys! We are the connection you're looking for to hire these awesome band to your party!


  Stand up comedy, cabaret, and everything around humor and comedy! The Stand Up Brigade is the best team to make the audience laugh out loud! The most experienced actors and comedians made an independent association who has their own theatre and also performs on corporate events, festivals, and other theaters, community centers for good.

  Now it's time to get your laughs for yourself and your audience by fragment the price by ordering their production through us!

Music is life. It's everywhere.

Karoly Bako is an extremely talented music composer who creates the best background music in almost all genre. Sometimes it's rock, other times it's Jazz or ambient but his unlimited flow is rides with the mood of project. Try to get the best out of your production with the highest quality of music that will build up the tone to fit your imagination. If you want something that makes you calmed then he is your best choice, but if you like it hard and edgy, than you must choose him as well! You can't have less then the best of music from this talented man!

 Order your music from him through us to have your voucher and you will feel the quality in your ears


Theatre and operetta is famous all around the world. There is no doubt about it.  "Miénk a színpad" is a professional association from highly trained and experienced artists who are able to make their audience fascinated from the very beginning of the shows to the last moments. They are creating memorable and impressive shows where  people in their chair are laughing, crying, getting mesmerized and fall in love. If you want to feel the roller coaster of the emotions than be the part of the experience and hire them to your theatre, community center or event! They are able to do the magic anywhere. And we are able to deliver the magic to you with serious bargain. Order now!